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  • Artist: Xscape
  • Song Title: Do Your Thang
  • Album: Off The Hook

(voice on telephone):
If you’d like to make a call,
Please hang up and try again.
If you need help,
Hang up and then dial your operator.

Intro by jd:
Live from college park,
Still kickin’ it you know,
Another year another hit,
S@#t, n**** you can’t fade this.

Verse (kandi):
If the music makes you move,
And you can fell the groove,
Then groove on, groove on.
If you feel like you wanna make love,
Under the stars above,
Then love on, love on.
If there’s something you wanna say,
’cos talking is the only way,
Then rap on, rap on.
’cos whatever you do,
Oh, you gotta do your thang.

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