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  • Artist: Usher
  • Song Title: Do It To Me
  • Album: Confessions

Verse 1
I got two dozens of roses/And a card that says/Baby, I can't wait to see you later/We made dinner reservations
At Nobu or Mr.Chow, you just pick the location/Now we sitting at the table/Sipping the finest wine
Having a dam good time/I know what's on your mind/I want you, you want me too

Do it to me/I want to feel you/Touch my body,baby/Body,baby/Do it to me/I guarantee you won't regret it
Let me set it out like you never had it/Do it to me/I want you to grab me,talk to me/Tell me how you like it
Where you want it/When you all up on it boo/Do it to me/I want to give it to you/We are going make this a night to remember

Verse 2
Watching you work the stick in the ride/And the motion how you moving from third to five
Can't imagine what it's going to be once we get inside/And you put that ooh wee on me/And you work me the same way
Boo,I can't wait/I'm tired of thinking about it/Speaking about it/Baby it's time be about it/Turn off the lights, take off your clothes
Jump in the bed and let it flow/The squeezing,holding,biting,scratching,spanking,screaming
Pulling my hair when you mean it and everything goes/Baby when you...


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