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  • Artist: Usher
  • Song Title: Confessions Pt 2
  • Album: Confessions


these are my confessions
just when i thought i said all i could say said she going to descide that she got one on the way
these are my confessions
man i'm throwed i don't know what to do i guess i got keep part 2 of....
my confessions
if i going tell it then gotta tell it all
damn near cryed when i got that phone call
i'm so throwed i don't know what to do but
to give give you part 2 of my confessions

Verse 1

now this goin be the hardest thing i think i ever had to do
got me talking to myself asking how i'm goin tell you
bout that chick in part 1 i told ya'll i was creep with
says she's three months pregnant and she's keeping it
the first thing that came to mine was you
second thing if now it's mine and is it true
third thing is me wishin i never did what i did
how i ain't ready for no kid and bye-bye to are relationship


Verse 2

sitting back on this stup tryin to figure out
when, where, and how i'm going to let this come out of my mouth
said ain't goin be easy
but i need to stop thinkin, contemplating, be a man and get it over with
i'm riding in my whip racing to her place
talking to myself preparing to tell her to her face
she open up the door and didn't want to come in
i said walk to me baby please hear me


(usher talks)

this by far is the hardest thing i ever had to do
to tell the women i love that i'm having a baby by a women i barely even know
i hope you can except the fact that i'm man enough to tell you
and hopefully you'll give me another chance
these ain't about my career or my life
it's about us, please


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