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  • Artist: Nicki Minaj
  • Song Title: Starships
  • Album: Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded


Uh, lets go to the beach-each
Lets go get away
They say, what they gon say
Have a drink clink, found a budlight
Bad b****** like me, its hard to come by
The Patron, lets go get it on
In the zone-one, Yep Im in the zone
Is it 2,3, Leave a good tip
Ima blow all my money and dont give two ???

Im on the floor-oor
I love to dance
So give me more-ore
Til I cant stand
Get on the floor-oor
Like its ur last chance
If u want more-ore
Then here I am

Starships were meant to flyyyyyy
Hands up and touch the skyyyyyy
Cant stop cuz we're so highhhhh
Lets do this one more time ohhhh
Starships were meant to flyyyyyyy
Hands up and touch the skyyyyyy
Lets do this one last timeeeee
Cant stop...

We're higher than a motherf*****(x3)

Jump in my hooptie-hooptie-hoop
I own that
And I aint payin my rent this month
I owe that
But f*** who u want and f*** who u like
Dance all night there's no end in sight
Twinkle, twinkle little star
Now everybody let me here u say ray ray ray
And spend all ur money cuz u pay pay pay
And if u a G, ur a G G G
My name is Onika, u can call me Nicki

(Repeat Pre-Hook)

(Chorus x3)

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