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  • Artist: Ice Cube
  • Song Title: It Takes A Nation
  • Album: Raw Footage

[Ice Cube]
There are seven known wonders of the world
Yeah, hehe, you about to witness the 8th muh'f***er

I got King Kong in my trunk, King Kong in my doors
My nuts play ping-pong from the noise
You can hear me from a block away
I'm sittin next to yo' a** and can't hear, what you got to say
My s*** is loud, my ears is ringin
My paint job is wet, my chrome is gleamin
I feel like a vet ballin on these rookies
An old school bully, you must have played hooky
I bring it like a bookie my aggression is depressin
Don't give a motherf***er time to learn his lesson!
A LUNATIC~! Y'all know what I represent
The only rapper who wanna fistfight the President!

[Chorus: repeat 4X]
It take a nation of n****z to hold us back

[Ice Cube]
When I bang this is dangerous, n****z go brainless
So bang this with the fo'-five stainless
And understand that you lookin at the famous
West coast rapper, who act like a anus
Hollywood! They thought they could tame this
pitbull, but I know what the game is
Them f***ers cheat like a NBA ref
If you smoke one they'll electrocute you to death
I got God on my intellect, Godzilla on my neck
When a n**** come through, who you wanna holla at
Ghostriders hit the deck, when your boy got a tec
Where the f*** is, Afrika, Bambaataa at?
We need to take it back, f*** Viacom
Clear Clear Channel, and Radio One
You motherf***ers programmed by the programmers
That's why you gettin locked up by the do' slammers
Not me!


[Ice Cube]
They music so fluffy, I'ma stay gutter
That s*** is kind of popcorn, my s*** is so butter
My style never change, in 22 summers
Straight independent, and doin my numbers
This ship don't sail, you know I'm still paid
So sourpuss n****z, can drink lemonade
I'm doin it for the love, you doin it because
you need that advancement to spend on them dubs
I don't need a penny, but I need many
Don't worry about my money boy cause I got plenty
You muh'f***ers worry about flossin so much
You don't know the fundamentals you forgot how to brush!
These 32 teeth, will give yo' a** grief
Bite you like a Fatburger if you got beef
So who's it gon' be? Your favorite MC
You scared of the government they scared of me
Now what?

It take a nation of n****z and streets of crack [echoes]

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